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Why booking a professional celebrant in France is a good investment

Updated: May 16

Wedding ceremony celebrant france

When planning your wedding in France it is really easy to get swept away with all your visions…the seating arrangements, the styling, the food choices, the golden hour photos, the pool party…and forget that your wedding day is all about your marriage. 

You are coming together to declare your love and commitment to each other in the presence of your friends and family, and your wedding ceremony kickstarts your vibe, establishes your envisioned atmosphere and lets your guests know that this will be the best wedding they have ever been to!

Budgeting for a wedding is tricky and you may think that having a friend or family member officiate your ceremony will save you money, but at what cost? 

In this blog I will explain why not only is a professional celebrant a good investment but also why it should be in the top 5 of your budgeting priorities. 

Access to a Wealth of Experience 

"You gain all the knowledge of an experienced professional"

A professional celebrant draws from their experience of delivering a broad range of ceremonies in a variety of venues. Through our experience we know what works, what doesn’t and what you need to be considering in the lead up to your big day. This is, usually, the first time you will have thought about how a wedding ceremony is constructed and by investing in a professional celebrant you gain all the knowledge of an experienced professional who can guide you through every element that you need to be considering, to ensure your ceremony is perfect. As experienced wedding professionals we know that the ceremony is not only a singular part of your day but that it contributes to the whole and ensure it seamlessly links into the timeline of your day.

Building a Connection 

"Our connection goes beyond creating the ceremony itself"

Unlike registrars a professional celebrant invests time to get to know you both, so by the time your big day arrives we always have a personal investment in you and your marriage. Our relationship begins on the day of booking, the day of connection. But this connection goes beyond creating the ceremony itself; it's about understanding your love story, your personalities, and your vision for the future. In the months (and sometimes years!) leading up to your big day our relationship strengthens and contributes to a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during the ceremony, leaving you secure in the knowledge that you know the person who will be officiating your wedding ceremony. 

The Personal Touch 

"Your wedding ceremony is the only job a professional celebrant will have on your day"

You may have been to weddings where the registrar or religious leader has delivered a ceremony without much feeling, rushed or impersonal (I know I have!). Often they will have a schedule of other ceremonies or appointments on your wedding day! A professional celebrant is fully invested in you and your day. Your wedding ceremony is the only job a professional celebrant will have on your day, so nothing will be rushed. Having discovered your love story and backstory as a couple we are able to include personal touches unique to you two throughout the ceremony.

A Professional Service 

 "You will benefit from an exceptionally high standard"

A professional celebrant is just that - professional. It is their job and you are paying them for a professional service. Weddings are live events, and unexpected situations can arise. A professional celebrant is adept at handling any unforeseen circumstances with grace and composure, maintaining neutral serenity and calmness whilst issues are resolved. You will benefit from an exceptionally high standard with detailed planning to ensure nothing is left to chance on the day.

A professional celebrant will arrive on the day with their own professional equipment such as a PA system with handheld and radio microphones to ensure all your guests can hear the vows you are making - one less thing for you to think about, and one less demand on your budget!

A Highly Skilled Creative Writer

"Why settle for the words written for a ‘Becky and Steve’ in California when you can have words created for you, about you."

By investing in a professional celebrant you are also hiring a highly skilled creative writer. Most good professional celebrants will have a background in creative writing.  Sure, you or your friend can spend hours on google and copy and paste from ceremony templates - but does your love really deserve a ‘copy and paste’ wedding ceremony? Your love story is unique and deserves a unique ceremony. 

One of my most favourite parts of the creation process is sending the draft ceremony script to my couples and hearing their reaction. As they read their bespoke words they immediately understand the benefit of their investment. The words said by your celebrant during your ceremony are deeply personal to you both and should have the gravitas that befits the occasion. Why settle for the words written for a ‘Becky and Steve’ in California when you can have words created for you, about you. 

Managing The Flow of The Ceremony 

"We understand the nuances of public speaking"

A skilled wedding celebrant serves as the anchor of your ceremony, guiding the proceedings with joy and fluidity. We understand the nuances of public speaking, ensuring that your ceremony is delivered with the right tone and emotion to suit your wishes. This level of professionalism ensures that your guests remain engaged and connected throughout the ceremony, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

A Bank of Information 

"We have a deep knowledge of ceremony structure"

A professional celebrant is hugely valuable source of information. Drawing from their experience, training and professional development, we have a deep knowledge of ceremony structure and contents (be it traditional, modern or alternative). We are experienced in a wide variety of symbolic ceremony rituals, ideas for readings and poems. We will be able to offer visionary suggestions to add unique elements to your ceremony. Your celebrant will offer bespoke suggestions and ideas throughout the creative process to enable you to think as far out of the box as you wish! 

Professional Connections with Other Suppliers 

"The best suppliers are those who come recommended"

A Professional celebrant brings with them a wealth of working experience and connections with other wedding suppliers. We can provide you with recommended suppliers we have worked with to assist with you planning and searching for the best suppliers out there.

Stress Reduction 

"Zero stress from the moment of booking to the day itself"

Zero stress from the moment of booking to the day itself, leaving you to simply enjoy the experience! Hiring a professional celebrant means that we take on all the work for your ceremony. Following a tried and tested timeline (experience matters!) your celebrant will will guide you through the creation process, listening to your wishes, discovering your love story and offering inspiration. We will provide you with a draft ceremony script to ensure your visions are met.

Then, most importantly, zero stress on the day. A professional celebrant will have briefed key suppliers in advance of the ceremony contents (especially photographers to ensure they are prepped to get the best shots!) and then will arrive well in advance to ensure the ceremony space is in order. We will check in with key players in the ceremony, readers, best man etc.. - with a professional celebrant nothing is left un prepared. 

A Lasting Impression

"Leaving a impression that will be remembered long after the wedding day has passed"

Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your celebration, and investing in a professional celebrant ensures that it becomes a cherished memory for a lifetime. A celebrant's professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to connect with the couple and guests will leave a lasting impression that will be remembered long after the wedding day has passed.

In Conclusion

While the idea of having a family member or friend officiate your wedding may seem sentimental, the value of hiring a professional #weddingcelebrantinFrance cannot be overstated. Our expertise, attention to detail, and ability to craft a personalised ceremony make us an invaluable investment in creating the perfect start to your happily ever after. So, as you plan your dream wedding in France, consider the profound impact a professional celebrant can have on your special day.

To find out more about me and how I can create your unique wedding ceremony, get in touch and let's have a discovery video call where we can meet and you can ask me all your questions!


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