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  • Do you only create wedding ceremonies in France?
    No. The wonderful thing about being a wedding celebrant is that I can deliver ceremonies wherever I’m needed. So if you are looking for a wedding celebrant in the UK or throughout Europe, get in touch.
  • Where did you train to be a celebrant?
    I trained with the Celebrant Circle in the UK. They are a leading celebrant training organisation who not only deliver exceptionally high quality training but who also champion the voice of independent celebrants and contribute to the improvement of professional standards within the industry at a National level.
  • I've heard of a 'Humanist' Celebrant but not an ‘Independent’ Celebrant, what's the difference?
    As an Independent celebrant I am only governed by your wishes which means I can include anything you like in your wedding ceremony. A Humanist Celebrant will have certain constraints or may not be able to include certain elements, however as an Independent Celebrant anything is possible. So if you wish to include a prayer or religious reference you can. After all, it’s YOUR wedding so why be constrained?
  • We’ve never heard of a celebrant and we’re a bit confused by what it all means. Can you explain?
    Yes I can!! Many couples come to me not knowing what a celebrant does or how a wedding ceremony can be so personal. 100% of those couples understand and are excited about the possibilities after they have a discovery video call with me. So, if you’re a bit confused, browse through my website and then get in touch to book a discovery call - I’m always happy to explain about my job and how I can craft your wedding ceremony into a perfectly unique celebration of your love story!
  • Do you bring your own microphones/sound system for the ceremony?
    I have my own sound system with radio and handheld microphones which I can use for your ceremony free of charge. Most venues will include a sound system for the ceremony, but if not, I can provide one to ensure all your guests can hear me!
  • Are your ceremonies legally binding?
    Not yet! The laws in the UK and France still require certain procedures are followed for a marriage to be legalised, and whilst these laws may soon change, currently a celebrant led ceremony is a symbolic ceremony with no legal status. Did you know that simple a legal marriage in the UK takes 6 minutes and costs about £40? This is why many couples choose to pop into the registry office, say a few words, collect their documents and then focus on their actual wedding day - their celebrant led wedding day.
  • Do you liaise with our other suppliers for our wedding?
    Absolutely! Before your big day I will always contact your photographer and videographer to make sure they are aware of the contents of the ceremony so that they know when to get the best shots. If you have a planner I will be in consistent contact with them to ensure we are all working for the common goal - your day. If I haven’t been to your venue I will always contact them and if possible visit to see their ceremony space prior to your wedding day. If you are having live music during your ceremony I always like to make contact to ensure everything is as planned. My responsibility is for the smooth running of the ceremony on your day and working closely with other wedding professionals is part of my job.
  • Is there any limit to what I can include in my ceremony?
    Absolutely not! Anything and everything is possible! I have a set fee which does not alter despite how many changes or additions you make to the ceremony. So, as the ceremony is created you don't have to worry about additional costs.
  • How many weddings do you do in a day?
    Just yours! On your day, my focus is you!
  • How much contact do you have with your couples?
    As much as you like! Once you book me I set up a WhatsApp group for the three of us so that you have immediate access to me throughout the process. We will arrange video calls at key points as the ceremony is created, but I’m always available on the phone, email or additional video calls whenever you need me.
  • Are you legally allowed to work in France?
    Yes, I live in France and I have my ‘Carte de Sejour’ which means I am a French tax resident legally allowed to work in France. Since Brexit, British citizens must have a 'Carte de Sejour' or a working visa to be allowed to work in France.
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