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The 5 most popular Rituals to include in your Wedding Ceremony in France

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Symbolic rituals are a lovely, meaningful addition to your wedding ceremony in France. They are a wonderfully visual way to celebrate the commitment you are entering into. Here are the top 5 most popular rituals (according to a recent poll by the Celebrant Circle UK).

Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony Celebrant wedding

A sand ceremony is a wonderful visual symbolic ritual. The couple each pours a different colour of sand from two separate containers into a third, larger container. One by one, then both at once. The sand layers represent the individual lives and personalities of each partner, and the blending of the two colours together symbolises the unity of the couple and their shared life together. There's no limit to the amount of colours added, making this a perfect ritual for blended families.


Handfasting wedding ceremony

A handfasting ceremony is an ancient Celtic tradition of celebrating a union between two people. During the handfasting, the couple’s hands are tied together with a cord or ribbon, signifying the joining of two lives and the creation of a new bond. The celebrant blesses them with sacred words and rituals. This ceremony is where we get the phrase 'Tying the knot'!

Unity Candle

Unity Candle ritual wedding

A very popular element in a wedding ceremony, the Unity Candle ceremony represents the blending of two families, two people joining in a commitment to become one.

During the ceremony, the couple holds two separate lit candles and, with the help of their officiant, use their candles to light a larger unity candle. As the couple lights the unity candle, they are expressing their commitment to one another and their willingness to join together as one.

Ring Warming Ceremony

Ring Warming in a wedding ceremony in France

A ring warming ceremony is a lovely way to involve your family and friends in your wedding ceremony. Usually taking place at the beginning of the ceremony, each of your guests will be asked to hold your wedding rings in their hands and say a blessing, or a wish for your marriage.

As the rings are passed around the room, the energy and love will be absorbed into the rings, powerfully signifying your guest's love and happy wishes for your marriage.

Wine Box Ceremony

Wine Ceremony. Wine Box marriage

A perfect addition to a French Wedding! A wine ceremony is a fun way to mark your union and look forward to the future. This type of ceremony involves a box with a bottle of your favourite wine, along with a special set of glasses and decorations to commemorate the occasion. During the ceremony (usually just after the spoken vows) the couple will seal the box with a lock, or a nail and hammer for great dramatic effect! Sealing the box symbolises the union. The box can be opened on the couple's anniversary to share the wine and remember their special day.

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