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Top Ten questions to ask your Wedding Celebrant in France

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Choosing a wedding celebrant in France is a very personal decision. How do you ensure the person officiating your wedding ceremony is the right one for you? Read my top ten questions you should ask your wedding celebrant before booking them.

Wedding celebrant in France chateau venue

1) How many weddings do you deliver each day?

Every good celebrant should commit to delivering only one wedding a day. You are choosing a celebrant led ceremony to avoid the coldness of the registrar who is always in a rush to move on to the next appointment, so this is always the top question to ask!

2) Why did you become a celebrant?

This is a great question that I, personally, love answering! It's a great question to discover more about your celebrant and it's important you find out what motivates them to deliver your ceremony on the biggest day of your life so far!

3) How much contact do you have with the couple?

Busy celebrants are usually good celebrants, but they will always factor in ample time to ensure they are always in communication with you. You should always be able to contact your celebrant, and expect a speedy reply, from booking date to wedding date.

4) How much do you charge and what is included?

Everybody's budget is different and it's not always easy to talk about money. When you ask your celebrant about fees, ask them also, about what is include - are there additional fees or is it all inclusive....are you getting value for your money?

5) What do you wear to your weddings?

Let's be honest, your celebrant will be in your photos so this is a valid question! Always ensure your celebrant knows your colour scheme - every good celebrant will make an effort to blend into your scheme.

6) Have they worked at the venue before?

There's no problem if not, but if they have, perhaps they have a nugget of useful information for you from their previous experience.

7) What happens if you are sick on the day?

The dreaded situation that no one wants to face! But what would they do? Ask them!

8) What is your cancelation policy?

Make sure you are fully aware before you pay any money that you have a cancelation policy in place. Your celebrant should give you clear terms and conditions before you pay your deposit. If not, ask!

9) How do you make our ceremony Unique?

'Bespoke' 'Unique' - words used a lot by your ceremony going to be truly unique? Quiz them! How do they write the ceremony? How do they gather the information they need to celebrate your love story?

10) Are you legally allowed to work in France?

As a result of Brexit, if they are British, this is now a question you should be asking! Do they have a 'Carte de Sejour' (residents permit) or a visa allowing them to work in France?

To ask me these questions and any others, get in touch....


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